Re Design of re-design


This was a short term design project to redesign elements of the United Airlines website in order to make it feel easier to book tickets.

In order to set about improving this website I first found out more about how people purchase plane tickets online. Creating a survey I though about different information I needed:

  • persons experience purchasing plane tickets online,
  • what, if anything was confusing about the process,
  • what information are they basing their decision to purchase on,
  • what are they looking for in an airline
  • and finally what do they think of the United Airlines website.

Because this was a short term design project I quickly put together a survey and asked people to answer some questions about their experience booking plane tickets online and then on the next I asked them to respond to an image of the home page of United just to get everyone’s initial reactions to it. I also asked them if they felt from the picture if they would easily be able to navigate this site, which gave me insight into what elements they were looking for on the home page.


Wire Frames and Planning


DSC01018 DSC01021 2

See more information and research here:

The survey 

Survey Responses 


 Home Page

With a cleaner layout the important information is easier to see. By paring down the options in each of the most accessed actions on the home page the users can easily navigate to more specific options and information for their intended task. This de-clutters the home page, making completing popular tasks much more streamlined.








Once you have filled in your flight search criteria you can search a selection of flights that fit those preferences




Then once one selects a flight the user is directed to this page

Here the user can continue to move forward with their flight purchase after reviewing the flight details