I am a PhD candidate working within the European Project: REACH, which aims to enable independence for seniors through healthy living.


I would like to invite you to explore some of my previous work
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Final Master Project

Tools for medical education to facilitate nurses specializing in neonatology, practice in feeding tube insertion protocol.

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Closer to Nature

Creating healing environments for people suffering from dementia living in a care home, to support a connection to nature.

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We were challenged to design for peripheral interaction with the Philips Hue system.

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A simple way to support the connection between senior citizens and professional care providers.

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POMs: Design for Confidence

My final bachelors project was a crafting kit to empower preteen girls to have agency over their emotions.

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Comfitube Project

Continued from my previous work, a tool that will support the precision of the tube location verification.

Showcase of of my masters

Here you can explore the different activities and projects from throughout my two year master program at the TU/e

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